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    font size problem when using effects

    jpwrunyan Level 1
      Has anyone had this happen?
      I have a window in my application that is made visible/invisible by use of a button that toggles visibility. To make the application a little more fun, I applied a Zoom effect to the showEffect property to literally make the window "pop up". I used a similar Zoom animation to shrink the window for the hideEffect.

      This works fine the first time. However, on successive opening/closings of the window the text of the controls, title, buttons, etc. gets improperly displayed (either at too large a size or too small). It may help to actually try running this so I have included the code below:

      anyway the below code is just a custom mxml component. I include it inside a canvas container for my application. ex:
      <local:WorkPanel x="10" y="10" />
      and then I can fill it with whatever content I need (a sort of template).

      The popUp property allows the TitleWindow (and Panel) components to be dragged around like when they are attached via the PopUpManager. I do not use the PopUpManager because it slows down the application by completely removing the component when all I want to do is hide it.

      The font problem does not appear when using embedded fonts. For my project, however, I cannot use embedded fonts.

      Any insight into how to combat this bug would be great.