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    Behaviors in Photoshop




      is it or will it ever be possible to add a behavior already in Photoshop? If I test something out and then change the structure of my character, behaviors often disappear. I then have to add all the behaviors again to see how my final character works with the changes that I did, and that's a lot of work. If I could add the behaviors in Photoshop already, I think there would be no or less problems, but I couldn't find a place on the internet that says behaviors in Photoshop exist.



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The problem with adding more rigging stuff into Photoshop is that the program isn't really meant for it (and remembering the codes/tags to write gets complex, let alone non-customizable for the number of parameters inside them). Ideally we'd do a better job of remembering parts in Photoshop inside CH and syncing better. This has gotten better in recent releases but we still have a ways to go. I tend to leave behaviors until I know I'm done with a particular structure/part - so if I know I'm more or less done with the eyes, and they're in the head and I know it's not going to change much, then I'll add behaviors.