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    Which "technical issue" is the problem?

    NicoleYM Level 1

      I'm a newbie and trying to learn how to create good stock images, but I'm not finding the rejection messages or the documentation too helpful in terms of correcting problems. I submitted two photos that in my mind where identical from a technical perspective. My camera was on a tripod and not moved between shots. No camera settings were changed, yet one of the photos was accepted and the other rejected for "technical issues." Here's the accepted photo:


      And here's the rejected one:


      I've studied the "Technical issues" section of the "Reasons for content rejection" page, and I can't figure out what technical issue the second photo has that's not present in the first image. Can anyone help explain? And if there's a list of technical issues, why can't the reviewers just come out and tell you which one is the problem? I don't mind my images being rejected, but it's hard to improve if I can't understand the problems.




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          CarlinPhoto Level 1

          Hi Nicole, 

          As a long-time stock contributor, I’ve learned over the years that sometimes the reviewing is inconsistent, and that really there is not a lot to gain by spending time comparing a rejected image to an accepted one.  I think both images you showed are nice. Instead of comparing, I would just look at the rejected one. 


          The main reason that I see a rejection for this is that there appears to be about 3 sensor spots, or spots of dirt on lens (look in the area around the horses’ feet and in the very right corner of the photo). There is also a distracting dark-colored thread in the same area between the horses. Again, I’m not a reviewer - just giving input. Keep shooting! It’s a game of hit and miss at first, but over time you’ll have fewer and fewer rejections.

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            gohm23351367 Level 1

            Hi Nicole,


            I have also contributed some photos for a while. Recent batch of photos I contributed after coming back from Kuala Lumpur has all been rejected. In the past, there are still some accepted, but from other country trips. I wrote in to request for more detailed feedback, other than a simple template reply such as "out of focus" and "grain/noise", but after that, my photos are all rejected as "technical error".


            I do feel that if people want to reject your photos, then he/she should write an acceptable feedback himself/herself. We make purchases from Amazon, if product or service is not up to date, despite we are the paying customer, we still need to write our own feedback instead of an automated template. With automated template, you may just not in the mood for that day and reject all photos, without the need to write a good reason.

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              NicoleYM Level 1



              Thank you so much for this very helpful reply. I'll have to decide if I can deal with this type of inconsistent reviewing and lack of meaningful feedback on rejected images. I'm surprised that more contributors don't complain loudly about this. If you hadn't mentioned the sensor spots (grrrr - I just had my camera professionally cleaned) and the thread, I never would have figured those things out on my own. I'll now be a lot more careful to go over the images I submit with a fine-tooth comb to try to find and correct those types of problems. But without this type of detailed feedback, it's difficult to know what criteria the reviewers are using to evaluate the photos.


              I really appreciate the time you took to look over the image so carefully!!


              Many thanks,

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                NicoleYM Level 1

                I feel your frustration! I do wish the Adobe Stock team would take these types of complaints to heart and do a better job of providing more detailed feedback, at least when people request it. I also think they need better quality control to make sure the reviewers are more consistent.


                So sorry about your images.