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    How do I change the return/enter distance?

    ashw7097674 Level 1


      I'm working on an indesign document right now and there are some areas where I'd like to choose where the string of text moves to a lower line. However, I'm having difficulty because I like the leading distance created when the lines naturally move to the next line because it looks more clear that the lower line of text belongs with what is above it, and when I enter or return, there is more space than in between the two lines of text. How can I adjust the text that I have hit return on to scoot it closer to the top line? In the instance of this picture, I like the spacing between the line "City of Bonn," and "Fragmentation and Connectivity," and would like it to look the same on the likes that say "City of Bonn," and "Bonn West Industrial" but to keep adequate spacing between them. How would I do this? I wanted to drop the string of text at "Bonn west" to the line underneath but it looks like it's own item.


      Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 12.58.47 PM.png