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    Importing Photos From Mac Photos App Export


      I've decided to convert to Lightroom (LR) and am most of the way done with the heavy lifting of migrating media. However, I've run in to a problem. Prior to LR I had no real management strategy, instead I had photos here, there, and everywhere and often had multiple copies of the same photos. During my transition to LR I've been able to eliminate duplicates when importing and choosing not to import suspected duplicates.


      At this point I have about 60,000 photos in LR and the last step of my migration is to export all content (about 25,000) from Mac Photos, then import to LR. On the surface, that's rather simple. When I export originals from Photos and get ready to import, LR identifies about 10,000 duplicates which is no surprise. Because I exported originals, I lose the keywords on import to LR. More accurately, the export of originals from Photos doesn't have keywords.


      Next attempt was to export edited photos from Photos. That works and keeps the keywords, but gives me 10,000 duplicates.

      Next attempt was to export originals with XMP sidecar. I checked with a simple text editor and the XMP files have the keywords that I need. But, my photos are all JPGs, so LR doesn't really care about the XMP.



      What I'm after is a way to maintain the keywords and prevent several thousand duplicates in my library. Any suggestions?