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    Muse CC (2015.2) keeps asking for update




      Obviously I know it's a couple of days until Christmas so you're probably all off on your breaks so this isn't completely urgent but it's been doing this all week, when I open up Muse every time, it is asking me if I want to update or ignore, I imagine it needs to update to 2017 version as 2015.2 is an update from June this year? When I click on update it doesn't do anything and takes straight into the software which still says is 2015.2.


      I noticed an older thread from a couple of years ago that suggested they look in their Applications folder as there might be a second installation, well I don't have that, I have only the one that opens.


      I have also tried uninstalling the software and re downloading it but I keep getting the 2015.2 version which then I'm looped back into asking for an update that doesn't update...


      Any help would be awesome!