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    Lightroom 2015.8 performance problems?


      Is there and known performance problems with the latest LR?


      I got a full spec macbook pro and doing ex some brush work will get my cpu up to 100ªC and then we should not talk about sharpening and noise work

      but i can tell you that i don't need a radiator to keep my office warm


      Taking about brushes, i got a strange "ghost" square outside of the brush when doing masking and I'm often done white my masking long before i can se the overlay painting


      so are there any known issues or is it time to get a new computer tho this one i only 2 years old

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Doing lots of brushing in LR will slow down LR and cause the CPU usage to max out. It is a known drawback to using Lightroom, and the problem exists in all versions of Lightroom. The problem is made worse if you have a 4K or larger monitor.


          Some things you can try:

          1. Turn off GPU acceleration (go to Preferences, click on Performance, uncheck the box that says Use Graphics Processor)
          2. If that doesn't help, do the brushing as the next to last step in your editing, and the last step is to turn on lens corrections and transforms
          3. Get a faster CPU
          4. Do the brushing in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
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            martinhanell Level 1


            the screen i use is a 27"  "2k" moddel


            1 Check, did my brusing experinse a lot better, but i still got the square ghosting effect

            2 thats almost my workflow

            3 actually my low spec mb air 11" perform "better" in the same version. so idon't think i need faster cpu ( but a high spec iMac would not harm) pleas Santa

            2 yeep thats a good advise, need to get my PS skill a litter better first and i kind of like the possibility to do the "basic" in LR as i used to in previews versions.


            over all i think my version is messed up some how, i wonder if it would help to reinstall it. I mean my old low spec 11" do perform a lot better not as near as hot as my 15" and runs a lot smoother

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Your Lightroom is not messed up, this is a known problem.


              When you say it is "almost" your workflow, "almost" doesn't count. What happens if you make it EXACTLY your workflow?


              Are you doing the same amount of brushing on the older computer? Is the monitor the same size? Are the size of the photos in megapixels the same on  both computers?

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