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    Elements 13 cuts imported video in half.


      My only goal with this "project" is to convert a friend's video from mp4 to mpeg, and the only way I can think to do it (for free) is by importing it into premiere and exporting it as an mpeg file.


      The problem is, when I import the file, it cuts the video from 6 minutes and 18 seconds long to 3 minutes long and 9 seconds long. This only seems to happen with this file, no other video is being cut like this. It's especially peculiar as this exact issue was happening with this same video clip on a different computer.


      The video is 1.6 Gigabytes large, perhaps the large file size is presenting an issue? I honestly have no idea why else the program refuses to import the file.


      Any ideas?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your original MP4 coming from and what resolution is it?


          If this is non-camcorder video, it could have a variable frame rate, which can cause some strange behavior when you add it to a video editor.


          In any event, if your only goal is to convert an MP4 to an MPEG, it might be easier to just use the free download Handbrake. No use using a full-featured editor if your only goal is to convert.

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            jazjzg Level 1

            That's the tricky part... this video is for an AICE (International Cambridge equivalent of a high school Advanced Placement) project that is meant to be sent to Cambridge soon, and the project was recorded on a school TV-team camera. I am currently looking for somebody who might know what camera the school team uses, but until then, I have no idea.


            The only reason I hadn't just used a free converter was because all the ones I've found (granted, my search wasn't relentless) only give free conversions up to about 300 MB, and this is way over (1.33 gigs actually, not 1.6). I'm going to try HandBrake though, I was not familiar with that version until now, thanks for that!

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Post a screendump of the file analyzed in MediaInfo / MediaInfo Mac in treeview here on the forum.