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    Footer issues


      I am in the middle of making a website and noticed the footer is not working properly?


      The master page works find i put an image in and it moves accordingly but when I go to my home page and do the same thing the footer seems to loose parts for example my footer is very simple is has a linkdin logo and my name can anyone help me to understand why this happens I have been watching so many tutorials and just cant figure out what is going on. I am starting to think should I ditch muse because of this footer issue.

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          VivekP Adobe Employee



          I would request you to share some screenshots with us showing how footer preview in master page and in Home page.

          I would be great if you could share the screenshot of both master page and home page in design view or simply share the download link for your .muse file using and file share service like dropbox, wetransfer.com etc.




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            groppo91 Level 1

            Hi I managed to figure it out after many hours of researching and messing around. I overlooked the importance of layers in muse for anyone else with the same issue please try adding a layer for the footer it solves so many problems I came across.

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              This definitely can’t be the correct answer, or the description of your issue was unclear. While messing around, you must have  changed something else. If you want other community members to benefit of a solution, give us a link to a .muse file, which illustrates your problem.

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