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    adobe dreamweaver cc has stopped working


      adobe dreamweaver cc has stopped working, this is the warning i receive while working.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What does your Windows Event Viewer / Mac crash log say is causing the problem?


          Lavasoft's Web Companion is a known conflict with Adobe programs.  Uninstalling Lavasoft fixes that.

          Or you may have outdated or missing DLL files.   Sometimes updating your graphics drivers will fix that.

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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hello Jose,


            in addition to Nancy's questions: In my library of found solutions to this issue, see please, maybe it's true for you too:


            1. In the Windows Start button, type "Event Viewer" in the search window.

            2. In the Event Viewer application, click on Windows Logs > Application

            3. Click on one of the Error events listed in the middle window. Click on one that states the "Faulting application name: Dreamweaver.exe...

            4. The next line should give you the module creating the error, for me it was - Faulting module name: HMIPCore64.dll...

            5. I then searched on Google for HMIPCore64.dll and the application was created by Hide My IP which is a program I use to check old email lists of a number of my clients so I can clean their lists to send valid emails to past clients they have had. With this program an anonymous proxy server is set to relay information between a system and any website visited. In my case I just deleted the application Hide My IP Address (as I now use a cloud-based application), the error message for DW did not appear and DW opened up and worked.


            To add:

            Email applications, game applications and other applications are affected by programs such as Hide My IP Address to do just that - hide the user's IP address. However, other applications functionality unfortunately can be affected. Because Dreamweaver and other Adobe applications are now cloud based, programs such as Hide My IP Address conflict with Adobe. In sum, check items 1-4 to possibly determine what module/application is conflicting with Dreamweaver (or one of their other applications.)