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    Exporting Lightroom Mobile Photos with Edits




      I am a bit flummoxed. I have Lightroom mobile installed on my iPhone 7 plus and it's been working wonderfully. As I continue to use it, my collection of edited photos continues to grow. I know how to save edited images as a jpg to my camera roll (or other location). However, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to export a version with the corresponding edits. For instance, if I edit an image in the desktop Lightroom, I can save it to any folder I choose and keep the sidecar file with it so that I can open it up at a later date and my edits will be present.


      I know if I sync my IOS images with creative cloud, I can access them from my desktop, but as my collection grows, my storage shrinks. I want to delete the photos from my phone but still have access to all the current edits so I can revisit them on my laptop or on another devise.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks so much.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Carusophoto,


          Once you delete all your images from your Lr mobile app, they will also be trashed from the Cloud storage and can no longer be recovered.

          An ideal option will be to sync all your collections from mobile to desktop app and then export them locally. These images can then be merged or imported into any collection and resynced, in case you need to revisit them on mobile devices. You need to watch out for the space left on your iPhone and as it shrinks you can then sync the entire Lr mobile collection to Desktop and follow the process.


          Hope that helps.