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    Capabilities of RoboHelp

      We have a procedural manual based on 300 Word docs which reside on our network. Twelve SMEs (subject matter experts) edit these docs twice a year. We are currently using a product called Trove ( http://www.maximainc.com/solutions/trove.html) to compile and index these docs for both online and offline use. This software only allows a folder \ sub-folder architecture.

      Does RoboHelp have the ability for multiple levels of sub-folders [folder\folder\folder\folder]?
      Can RoboHelp be used offline as well as online?
      Would offline users need any kind of software license or require a maintenance fee?
      Can docs be preset to 'go live' at a future date/time?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Karen

          Wow, you asked and answered in the same post! (couldn't resist a bit of teasing, as you marked your post as the answer)

          Yes, RoboHelp may have projects with multiple folder levels. They can go quite deep! RoboHelp produces several output formats for both on-line and off-line use. None of the outputs require any special licensing.

          It's an awesome product. I've used it almost daily since 1992!

          Hopefully that helps... Rick
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi Karen and welcome to the RH community.

            Are you referring to the TOC structure when you talk about folders? if so, there is no limit to the number of folders you can have. That said, for usability purposes it is best not to go down too far otherwise users may get fed up clicking. RH also has the ability to have multiple projects that are merged into one. With 300+ documents this would almost certainly be the way to go.

            The output can be viewed locally or online depending on the output type being produced. If local help (i.e. on an end user's PC) is required, a CHM file is the way to go. If online is required a number of output options are available depending on what is required (e.g. flash based, HTML based, reporting capabilities, etc.).

            End users do not need to have any special license to view help file output. Depending on what output type is used, users do need to have certain software (e.g. a web browser) but nothing that is not normally part of a Windows install.

            Finally you can use a command line prompt to generate and publish RH output which would help with a preset.
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              Oops! Sorry didn't see you there Rick.
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Never a problem buddy! At least Karen sees we are now a helpful and welcoming group!

                Happy HannuChristmaKwanzaaSolstaYule! Rick
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                  Karen_Weinkle Level 1
                  Thanks again for your warm welcome along with the quick and helpful response!