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    Missing footage

    CETC Level 1

      Hello! I am currently working with two compositions that use the same footage. In one composition I can scrub to a time in the timeline and see a footage item (pictured below).


      When I go to the other composition and scrub to the same time in the timeline I see this:


      There is a small time disparity between the two (I couldn't tell you why there's a time disparity). The screenshots below depict my interface at the first frame of this footage item in the two separate compositions.

      yes interface.png


      no interface.png


      And, finally, when I render the Final Output comp, the footage item is still missing. It's like the item never existed! I thought maybe I wasn't seeing the item because my computer was too slow and maybe, when rendering the final product, it would show up when it was rendered in AME. Nope.


      Thanks for any and all help. Happy Holidays!

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          it's not exactly clear what the problems is. don't crop your screenshots.


          each composition is has a separate timeline and it's not clear if you have a problem with a nested composition (a composition inside another composition) or two separate compositions.


          in this screenshot we are seeing a composition named "drop footage here" inside this composition there's another composition called Tv Title sequence - we don't know what's inside but we see a footage that is inside.

          yes interface.png


          now, this is a different composition called final output that has another composition inside called magical place. we see nothing. we don't know what's inside

          no interface.png

          these are unrelated compositions. if you don't see anything in the composition and there's a composition inside, click on it twice and see what's inside.


          try to illustrate your problem more clearly.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi CETC,

            Did Roei's advice assist you in solving this issue?