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    after import, all photos not showing up


      I am new to Lightroom and for the first time have imported my photos from several years of work.  After what I thought was a successful import of a few thousand photos, however, not all my photos are available despite the fact that Lightroom did not indicate any errors from the import process.


      For example, one folder (KANE_CHRIS) in Lightroom indicates "60" photos, but when I right-click and get info on that folder in Lightroom, the info dialog box that appears indicates "197 items." Please see screenshot.  I also checked my old version of Bridge, and all 197 photos (all .jpg) are in fact all visible there, so I am confused as to what is going on in Lightroom.   I tried to import the photos again from the same folder in the finder and Lightroom indicates thinks the photos have already been imported and wouldn't let me proceed.   


      What do I need to do to see all 197 photos?  How do I ensure that no other photos are missing from other folders? 


      Any ideas would be appreciated.   Thank you.