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    Lightroom 6.8 Mac file delete issue

    skirmisser Level 1

      I own a 2012 rMBP and use an external Synology DS214 NAS to store the Nikon NEF raw files that I process using Lightroom 6.


      Since the NAS is a Linux device and I access it using AFP there is no recycle bin. Hence when I delete a NEF file (for good) it warns me that it will be gone forever, I agree, it's deleted. I have been using this setup since LR6 came out.


      Ever since I updated to 6.8, I get the following issue: sometimes, when I delete a picture (and wish to be deleted from its location in the NAS as well) the main screen picture of LR6 stays the same, gets *STUCK* to the last deleted picture. Have to quit LR6.


      Reverting back to LR6.7 resolves the issue.


      Any help will be really appreciated!