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    You clearly know this is a problem, why will you not fix it?


      I have (yet again, despite excessive care to avoid doing so) licensed an image I did not mean to license. Your support forum is full of this issue. I've complained about it previously, and a cursory glance at the topics reveals I'm not the only one by a lot. At this point it is simply outright negligence on the part of your engineering team to not fix this. Your stock interface is the worst I have used. I have NEVER accidentally licensed images on a stock site before, and here I have to go to great and careful lengths to avoid doing so, and still it happens repeatedly.


      This is the single issue that will cause me to not renew my subscription.


      It's not even about losing credits; it's about having a tedious (having to be SO CAREFUL where I click at every moment) and frustrating (yet STILL clicking the wrong place anyway because maybe the window wasn't quite finished loading and jumped right at the moment I went to click a thumbnail) experience while performing the already-boring task of searching for project-appropriate stock images.


      You will lose a customer over a problem that ought not to even exist. It is mind-boggling to me that Adobe of all companies can have such a flawed user interface, that causes ongoing issues for customers and support staff alike, and choose to just ignore it.


      Never mind the fact that half the time when I select "download a preview to my computer" it says "your download will start soon" BUT IT NEVER DOES. Never mind the fact that when I save an image to a library, and then want to also download the preview, the pop-up interface window will not refresh and switch away from the "saved to your library" message so that I can access the download option. I have to close the pop-up window and then reopen it a frustratingly large amount of the time.


      Literally, you are the worst stock site I have ever used, SOLELY FROM AN INTERFACE STANDPOINT. This is completely insane. And it is an embarrassment for a company such as yours.


      I don't want my credit back; I want someone to tell me why you refuse to fix this.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have been a Stock user since pretty much day one. I love Adobe Stock. I support Stock as much as possible.


          i also wish that I could argue with your post but I can't. And the fact that they made what was a simple search into one that is just plain horrible is another issue. Best stock image site, worst stock image interface. And the maddening thing is, as a web programmer myself, the issues especially with the accidental licensing is such a simple fix.