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    Chipset vs. CPU PCI-e Lanes


      I'm looking at buying a Z270 mother board with a Kaby Lake 7700K Processor.  My understanding is that the chipset provides 24 PCI-e lanes and the CPU provides an additional 16 PCI-e lanes.  I will also obtain a single video card, and my understanding is that it will utilize all 16 CPU lanes (unless I reduce it to 8x).  If this is true, then does that mean that all of the other devices in the PC that rely on PCI-e lanes will get them from the chipset?


      Also, what devices, other than a M.2 SSD's and PCI-e cards, need availability to PCI-e lanes.  USB 3?  M/B?  Chipset or CPU themselves? I'm trying to allocate devices to available lanes to determine whether or not I need to go to X99.  I'm quite certain I will never do SLI, so Z270 will probably be fine.

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          on those z170 motherboards, they usually split the 16 cpu pcie lanes to two slots on the motherboard, for sli at x8/x8, or single at x16 if the other slot isn't being used. a gpu matched with the 4 core cpu for premiere pro should be able to run at x8 fine, leaving the other slot at x8 lanes open for expansion options. after that the other pcie slots and m.2 slots will use pcie lanes from the chipset. its best to look at some motherboard manuals to see whats available and how its setup, like a third x16 size pcie slot that might only have 4 lanes. also look for lanes being shared between pcie slots, m.2 slots, sata express, thunderbolt, etc, forcing you to pick between one or the other.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            If you are serious about video editing and are possibly going to use some 4K content, it would be better to consider an i7 CPU with more than 4 physical cores. There are 6 and 8 core overclocking K versions of Broadwell E CPUs which will give better performance, although on an X99 motherboard. SLI is not recognized or used by Ppro, although having 2 or more GPUs in the machine DOES improve performance of certain operations, like in exporting a timeline with heavy GPU accelerated effects. That's why having 40 lanes of PCI gen.3 can be beneficial .

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I agree with JFPhoton that if you are serious about video edinting AND FUTURE expansion you really should consider more cores via the X99 motherboards.  The best score ever attained with my Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM) on the extremely GPU Accelerated MPEG2-DVD timeline is 8 seconds.  With an overclocked GTX 1060 I can score 19 seconds and by adding a second overclocked GTX 1060 it drops to 11 seconds.  Both boards ran at x16 in my i7-5960X system.  If I turn off GPU acceleration and export the same timeline with CPU only it takes 250 seconds.  Win 10, Premiere 11.0.1