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    getting help to work in Windows 98, XP, AND Vista

      I am having trouble with getting my help system to be compatible with all three operating systems: Windows 98, XP, and Vista.

      It is a VERY SIMPLE help system, with no fancy DHTML stuff, etc. But, the default generated CHM file works fine under XP and Vista, but under Windows 98, won't allow any topics to be choisen from the TOC (although the initial help window and initial topic display fine).

      With Pete Lees' much appreciated help, we tried a CHM file with all scripting stripped from the files (since it really isn't necessary) -- the now revised CHM file works fine in Windows 98 and XP, but has a weird behavior in Vista: The help files display ok in Vista, except that in the search tab it goes ‘bong’ every time a topic is selected. So if I type in, say, ‘Link’ into the ‘type in the keyword to find’ field and press ‘list topics’, then when I down arrow through the topics (or click them individually) it bongs for each one.

      The ‘bong’ sound is the same sound it makes normally if you type ‘Link’ into the ‘type in the keyword to find’ field and press ENTER. It sounds as if there were a hidden error message box.

      I would have thought (silly naive me) that since the RoboHelp help *says* the Microsoft HTML Help generated by RH works in Windows 98 and later, that I wouldn't have had to do anything to make it work under Windows 98.
      BTW, the client tried all the initial suggestions from Pete re. updating W98 help viewer files, registering DLLs, etc., and none of those seemed to have any effect.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next??