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    Easy Flex Layout question

      Greetings! I've built one pretty good size Flex project ( Taco Bell Gallery), a few months ago, and now I'm about to start on a really huge Flex project in January. I have a basic advice-type question for those who have been working with Flex layouts long enough to have that command of "this component for that" that I lack.

      The app has a control bar at the top, always docked and always 100%. Easy solve - Application Control bar. On a button click, the menu bar expands downward to reveal the subnav. That was easy too, with a simple property animation.

      Question 1:
      As per the actual subnavs, what type of containers do you advise? These would be children, I would assume, of the Application Controlbar. For example - anchored to the right side of the ACB there will be a small subnav of square buttons. Would you use regular buttons inside an hbox, or canvas, or by themselves..?? Same question for all the nav stuff that's "rolled up" in the ACB and not seen until it expands?

      Question 2:
      I need the Application Control Bar to two colors. Closed, it is 75px tall. The top half is black, the bottom half red. When the control bar "opens" (a scaleY ani I think) the expanded portion should also be red. So the top 37.5 pixels are always black, and the rest red. Should I put some sort of container in there that's black and 37.5px tall? How will that container scale to 100% width? What type of container?

      Thanks. I'm just curious about these generalities among season Flex programmers. Any advice would be great. Thanks.