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    Burn dvd in premeire elements 15 - video shake


      Hello all,


      I have a problem when I burn a dvd with adobe premiere elements 15 (recently owned).

      I have imported a mpeg video into adobe premiere. The video is fine, everything is ok.

      Then I create a dvd menu, and add "mark" in the timeline to have direct access to some scenes.

      FInally I "share" the project on a dvd ( in iso file in fact ).


      The problem is when I display the dvd, the video is shaking. And not only my video, but also the dvd menu ! It's li,e a parkinson guy handle the camera...


      As the dvd menu are also impacted, I think it's not part of my original video format, but more a problem on the dvd burn coding .... even if it's on ISO and not directly on a DVD.

      To confirm that, I tried to directly burn on a dvd, without using ISO. It's the same.


      Do you already have this type of problem ? How can I solve it ?


      Thank you for your help !