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    InDesign CC 2017.0 not able to open on OS X 10.12.2


      "Unable to launch Adobe InDesign as you do not have sufficient permissions to access the preferences folders. Ensure that you have appropriate permissions and then restart Adobe InDesign."


      Is the message I got upon trying to open it. I let Adobe support into my computer remotely and they navigated and adjusted all permissions, even creating a new guest account to attempt to get into certain permissions.


      It didn't work.


      Adobe support informed me that it was a problem I needed to bring up with Apple, unless I re-installed Creative Cloud in a new account.

      A new account is too much trouble at the moment with all my other professional creative software with existing projects (especially Davinci Resolve).




      InDesignCC 2015 does work.


      Anyone here had and then overcame this problem?