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    Ultimate explanation for lossless workflow DNG to AE to Premiere or export


      Here's the workflow situation dealing with Magic Lantern


      Shoot raw with Magic Lantern

      Open those raw files in MLRawViewer

      In, from, MLRawViewer, export DNG

      Import the DNGs as a sequence in After Effects

      Make the Camera Raw adjustments then..two options...either link somehow to Premiere 100% losslessly OR first export out of AE 100% losslessly then import those files into Premiere which will then be exported out of Premiere for final products which don't have to be lossless besides the master back up.


      Now here's the headache.

      How does one do one of these two options if there's even more than one...

      Keep it 100% lossless? Either link to Premiere or does it make more sense to leave Premiere out of the process and just export out of AE then import that exported file to Premiere to edit it in with other footage which will then all be exported (out of Premiere) for the final product.

      So the goal is to keep the raw footage lossless until that footage's final export which will be out of premiere. Without using a format which increases file size significantly or at all. But keeping it 100% lossless. Is that even possible? Dynamic link or proxy is not working from AE to Premiere so I'm thinking just forget Premiere and probably just export out of AE in a lossless format then import that to Premiere to only cut(no effects) into other footage which will then all be exported together out of Premiere for final products. To go from the DNG sequence in AE to premiere 100% losslessly, if even possible.


      Further, Is there a step within this workflow where the resolution can be upscaled? Because it's not full HD, just under. I'm using a Canon 6D.