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    Lose image quality / image data with Airplay

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      I should show my images directly from my memory card, that was plugged into my MacBook Air. The MacBook Air was connected to my Apple TV with Airplay. But after I had showed my original images directly from the memory card, on Apple TV with Airplay, I got a feeling that the images that I showed with Airplay and Apple TV (first generation, Apple TV) may have losen image quality or image data, because I have sent the image with Airplay. I'm very protective with my images! I want to keep all image quality / image data. It's important to say that the images that I showed was unedited and original images that I showed directly from the memory card plugged into my MacBook Air with Airplay on Apple TV. The images is not in any case edited in Lightroom. I only need some good answers. I would really appreciate!


      Is this something to worry about?

      I'm kindly asking for some good answers!


      Best Regards,

      Gerhard Øpsen