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    Editing With Bounding Boxes


      I am trying to edit a chapter that has a lot of bounding boxes - the chapter is comprised of bulleted and numbered lists . When I add text it overlaps the following box and does not move the box. I can't insert boxes. There is no flow with adding or deleting text. Even when I export to Word, it exports those darn boxes, which don't flow. If I export without them, it corrupts the entire document (has a lot of images and graphs).


      I am using the trial version in anticipation of buying but this is not working as I had hoped it would. I've even tried saving back and fort as Word and back to PDF, without success.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work?

      Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Editing the static content of PDF files should only be done as a last resort. They were never meant to be edited directly in such a way, and doing so is very tricky and often goes wrong. If you have the original file used to create the PDF you should go back to it, edit it, and then create a new file from it.