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    pse 15 layout


      Im not going to lie, I purchased pse 15 without much research. But my HS has pse 10, which I found to be simple and intuitive, but largely the same as normal photoshop to a newcomer such as myself. I assumed pse 15 would be the same. unfortunately I was very wrong. pse 15 looks so terrible, I can't use it. there is a giant bar across the top that says elive, quick, guided, expert, and even on expert, the layout looks as if it was made by the people behind ms paint.


      I cant handle this, is there any way to change the look of the layout, or remove the distracting bar across the top, or even just change the layout to be darker?


      If there is no way to do this, how does the return process go, can you return it? I bought a physical copy.