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    How Blurb Ruined Christmas


      I wanted to let the community, and hopefully someone at Adobe responsible for partnership agreements, know how Blurb (the Book provider which is linked to the LightroomBook Module), and my foolish blind trust just ruined Christmas.  I generated a custom book through Lightroom and sent it off to Blurb for printing.  Everything looked fine online.  When the book showed up, I left it sealed in it's plastic wrapping, which was a big mistake.  They printed the front and back covers of the book, and did a great job.  However, every single page inside was blank.  When I went back to the website, into preview, now all of the internal pages are blank.  I'm not sure what happened, and I have reached out to them to investigate and replace the book as soon as possible.  The lesson here is don't judge a book by it's cover, and ensure you check out the inside.  I certainly own the responsibility for not opening and checking before wrapping, but, is it unreasonable to expect some sort of quality check prior to shipment?  Anyway, mistakes happen, and what is going to be telling is how they respond.  I know that next year, this is going to be a great story, but, right now I'm pissed.  I'll repost when I have an update.

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          Blurb give warnings to check everything about your book before committing it to print. It is not unusual for people to do Blurb books in the format of 'notebooks' with blank pages for writing on. So, alarm bells would not necessarily go off at the printers. And, it's worth remembering that Blurb is basically a software company that sub-contracts the printing. The printers will do hundreds of thousands of books for them and so individual inspection of each book at the printers if probably unrealistic IMHO.


          Of course, it's very upsetting to have your book delivered and discover something wrong with it. You have my sympathies. It's probably best to treat this as a hard lesson, and not be put off from giving it (or another book) a go. It's worth it in the end.