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    Wordpress blog 'responsive' not working when embedded inside Muse


      I'm using Muse 2017.01.11 and have embedded a blog using an iframe in the 'add html' feature in the object menu:


      <iframe src="https://webcontentwriterbrisbane.com.au/webcontentwriterblog" width="100%" height="1500" marginwidth="0" frameborder="no"></iframe>


      I've been testing the blog on my iPhone 6: the theme I'm using (Site Origin's 'North') is fully responsive, and when viewed independently of Muse works perfectly. But when navigated to from within Muse it doesn't work fully: after clicking 'read more' on a post it's no longer responsive, unless I view it landscape, then it is, except it scrolls to the next post. I've found the read more function very unpredictable.


      I've added screen shots to illustrate the problem


      I've been in touch with the theme developer but they say this is an issue with Muse


      Can I have some help and guidance with fixing this please?