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    404 Error, Asset Problem, File Won't Publish

    JustBob Level 1

      Since the recent updated to Muse 2017, I have gotten errors from several of my sites saying to check the assets panel before publishing; but, everything in the assets panel seems to be okay.


      Today, my photo site would not publish, receiving a 404 error. The program also warned me about the assets panel, while all the files listed appear to be okay.


      I really want to update this site. Help?


      Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 7.41.14 PM.png

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          VivekP Adobe Employee



          This error usually comes up when you have once of the following issue with your site:

          1. One of you contact form widget in Muse has an invalid email in "Email to" field of the contact form options.

          Solution : Check the widget option and ensure there is no syntax error. one of the example is mentioned in the screenshot.


          2. You business catalyst site has more than 50 web forms created.

          Solution: To check that please login to your business catalyst dashboard and go to Site Manager >> Web Form

          If the web form count is 50 then delete few forms to ensure the count is below 50 and then you should be able to publish.



          If above are not the reasons for this error then I would advise you to contact Adobe Muse support by clicking the link below.

          Contact Customer Care




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            JustBob Level 1

            Thank you so much, Vivek!


            I had thought my file must have been corrupted. You saved me hours of failed effort!


            Adobe Muse was quitting after apparently trying to "sync-up" the forms with Business Catalyst, because it kept stopping after the forms messages on upload.


            But, I did not change any of the form info; it all seemed to be correct.


            I did go into Business Catalyst and opened two or three forms to take a look. I had no idea they were there. Also, there seemed to be a few more than I am using. Maybe BC saves forms even when a page using them is no longer published?


            Anyway, I then chose the option in Muse not to publish the three new pages and then published them one at a time. Bingo! All are up, now.


            Thank you, again!