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    .ARW files in Lightroom


      Lightroom CC does not seem to read .ARW files from the Sony R10 mark 3.  Solutions?  Using the Lightroom CC do I automatically have the latest LR version or must I take steps to upgrade?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          The Sony RX10 III requires LR CC 2015.5.1 / 6.5.1 or later: Cameras supported by Camera Raw .  To check your version, do Help > System Info.  If you don't have the latest version (2015.8), do Help > Updates.  If that doesn't update your LR (sometimes it doesn't), see here: Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date

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            I have had similar issues but fixes do not seem to work. Could it be because I am using a trial version? I was initially told that LR could handle RAW files. Then I found out that Sony RX10iii ARW files were different to normal RAW files, but according to Adobe website the most recent versions were compatible from version 6.5.1. I downloaded the trial LR CC version. The version of LR CC I have is 2015 version 6.3. It wouldn't read or import the ARW files. So I read that if you update LR it should work, but when I try to do this it says "update failed. Unable to extract files from server". Is this because it is a trial version?


            In parallel, I read that Adobe DNG converter can take the Sony ARW files and convert them to DNG. I went onto the Adobe website and checked that the camera was compatible with the converter, which it said it was. I downloaded it, but again, it won't even detect the ARW files

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              dj_paige Level 9

              This has nothing to do with you having a trial version.


              You need LR 6.5.1 or later. You can download from Download Photoshop Lightroom


              The DNG converter works on entire folders, not individual photos. You select the folder (not the photo) and it should work. If it doesn't work, please provide specific details about what version you have and exactly what you did.

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                kemslen Level 1



                thanks for the prompt reply. I downloaded LR CC free trial so assumed it was the latest version. Do you mean that I have to purchase the latest LR version before I can experiment with it?


                With the DNG converter, thanks, that was the issue - I had double clicked on the folder instead of single clicking. They seem to be converting now and I can see them in LR

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  I do not mean "purchase" and I did not say "purchase".


                  If you are using the free trial, you can update it to the latest version using the link I gave.