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    adobe digital editions freezes

    lindal23999738 Level 1


      I've tried different versions of Adobe Digital Editions (2, 3, 4, 4.5). As soon as I download a book (acsm) from the public library, the entire application freezes. All icons are greyed out. No response. I can't even shut it down without using task manager. If I start it up again, my downloaded books are all gone. Which means I can't read, delete/return them. I cannot assign my acsm books to it as a default program because windows does not see it as an option. If I select it by going to the app icon in program files, it doesn't register my selection. I'm on Windows 7 pro. I have used ADE 2 in the past on this pc but it was very slow downloading so I installed a more recent edition....in fact, I went through 3 different versions, to no avail. I've seen different posts with the same issue while searching google. Is anyone addressing this or are we just simply no longer able to download library books? I don't know of any pc software capable of opening/reading acsm works. If this is our only option, I (and likely many others) am at a loss. Please  allow this software to be associated with acsm (for real, not just as a checkmark upon installation that doesn't seem to register the selection). It's quite frustrating to be in line several months to download a book from the library and when approaching our turn to borrow such book, find adobe acting up and disallowing it.



      thank you for your time, happy bug searching,


      Linda Laughrea