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    Preloading a game

      Hi. I have made a large game recently in flash but I have been unable to get a preloader to work with it. It will only preload at 50% by which time I am sure some people will have given up hope of it ever loading. I want it to preload from the beginning. My preloader is not big so it is not preloading the preloader. I thought it might be something to do with exporting a lot of my sounds so i tried unchecking "export in first frame". this did work but with one drawback - i didnt have any sound! so although i am asking it to export the sounds in the first frame it seems to be exporting them before the preloader, well i want it to do it at the same time. any advice on what i am doing wrong? i have got a preloader to work fine in a game before but i did not export any moveiclips in the file. thanks in advance