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    Why must I use different apps to open acsm files?

    Bao Pu

      I buy some ebooks from Google Play and some from Kobo. They come as acsm files. My pc currently is set to open acsm files with Adobe Digital Editions, but it won't work with the books I bought from Kobo. Kobo Desktop opens those, but only if I manually choose this app with the "Open With" function. I can set the pc to Always open acsm files with Kobo Desktop, but then it won't open books bought elsewhere.

      1) why are these ebook acsm files only usable with specific apps

      2) Since I can't remember where I bought which book, is there a way to assign Kobo acsm files with Kobo Desktop and Google Play acsm files with Digital Editions?


      tia, Scott