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    Flex vs. ASP.NET

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      I have done some work in ASP.NET and Flex seems to almost be the Adobe /
      Macromedia version (or competition) to ASP.NET. Am I way off base?
      Flexbuilder almost reminds me of a nicer, friendlier version of .NET Studio
      2005. (Probably because I have used DW for years)


      Wally Kolcz
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          I would say Flex 2.0 offers much more than that in both features as well as speed and ease of developing Rich Internet Applications. An overview of Flex features is available at


          Anjali Bhardwaj
          Flex SDK Development Team
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            ntsiii Level 3
            ASP.NET is still a server-side generator of HTML pages. It uses the standard stateless html page with server-side sessions to keep track of state between continuous page refreshes. You know, the "isPostback" checking stuff you have to do to update a control with server-side data?

            Flex, on the other hand, has a persistent client. You hit a url once to show the UI, then never again. Dynamic UI is acheived by getting data only from the server, and re-rendering the affected part of the UI. No page refreshes, ever. And of course, this means that state is always available on the client.

            Another big advantage is the browser independence provided by the Flash Player.