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    font awesome 4.7 glyphs missing

    marcelt2t Level 1

      Unsure if this is a fontawesome issue or an adobe muse problem.


      I had FA 4.3 installed and working fine.  Today at the start of a new project i discovered the availability of FA 4.7 and choose to upgrade;


      1. Uninstalled 4.3 from mac system (font book)

      2. Uninstalled 4.3 from muse webfonts manager

      3. Installed 4.7 into mac system

      4. Installed 4.7 into muse webfonts manager

      5. Rebooted both Muse and Mac


      Only now when I use FA in muse via the glyph panel, I see no previews (nor do they render in my designs)  Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      Font-Awesome 4.7.0

      Adobe Muse CC 2017

      macOS Sierra 10.12.2