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    Problem Editing an "Adobe Draw" Project in "Illustrator on the Desktop"


      Both my friend and I have Adobe Cloud accounts.

      I have the latest software with Adobe CC paid account, not sure what she has other than an Adobe Cloud account an Adobe Draw on her iPad.


      My friend created an Adobe Draw file on her iPad.

      She shared the link with me by creating a Public link which she sent to my email and I am allowed to edit it.

      I opened the link, and clicked, Save to Creative Cloud.

      I opened the file in Adobe Draw on my iPad, edited it, and sent to my desktop Illustrator CC.


      When I double click on the file to open it in Adobe Illustrator (on my desktop), it says:

      "The file is in a format which cannot be placed".

      When I hit "okay", it opens the file in Adobe Illustrator (on my desktop), and I can see all the layers.

      But I can only see anchor points if I hold down the Command key as I select an object.

      I tried expanding the selection, but no luck.


      All the vector properties are gone it seems. Is there any fix for this?

      Can people just not share Adobe Draw files and have them retain their vector characteristics?