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    Out of memory errors, viewport not refreshing, preview, & wrong bag errors

    matt@hive Level 1

      I have used After Effects since it was COSA After Effects. During that time I have seen it develop into an amazingly stable workhorse for all forms of VFX...

      UNTIL NOW!


      After Effects from 2015 onward has become a horrible unresponsive bloated pig. I thought it was my iMac that might not be up to the task.

      I just got my new MacBook Pro loaded with everything.

      After Effects doesn't RUN on it... It doesn't even WALK... It crawls and crashes Just like my other machine.


      It gives out of memory errors on simple tasks.

      It sits there without refreshing the viewport... So many people complain of this. No fix in sight.

      It refuses to RAM cache and tells me it needs more that 2 frames to preview.

      It constantly tells me stuff is in the wrong bag??? Damn straight it is. Needs to be in the NUKE or Fusion bag clearly.


      I'm half way through a major feature film with this thing so I'm stuck with it but I'm letting you know... This has got to go.


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