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    OT some new plugins (Windows only)

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      I'm glad to announce the release of one more photo editing plugin,
      AmphiSoft Photo Detailer:


      Although it's primary goal was recovering detail from unevenly lit or
      poorly exposed photos, along with recovering old faded prints, it seems
      that the plugin also does good job adding more "expression" to "flat"
      photos. Hopefully people find it useful.

      Beside that, it seems like some of my former colleagues decided to start
      their own plugin business and have some interesting things to offer here:

      I'm not related to and not responsible for that stuff but I though it may
      be of some interest. Their masking plugin looks especially good, although
      the price is disputable.

      Ilya Razmanov
      http://photoshop.msk.ru - Photoshop plug-in filters