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    Lightroom CC 2015 (6.8) doesn't read the catalog it writes.


      I have Windows 10 Pro, trying the trial Lightroom (and Photoshop) CC.  When I try launching Lightroom, either through the shortcut on desktop or through the Creative Cloud/Apps menu, it will  ask me which catalog to use.  I try the default c:/users/(name)/pictures/lightroom Lightroom Catalog.lrcat.  It writes the file in the directory, but it is 0 bytes.  I click 'Open' and am told that that very catalog it just created is not a valid catalog.  If I test the integrity, the brand new file is considered corrupt.  I try repair, I am then told there is an issue reading/writing the file.


      My C: drive is named 'OS' so I don't think that's considered a "networked" drive, is it?   I have also tried resetting preferences, redownloading Lightroom, rebooting, etc. and nothing seems to change.  Photoshop CC works just fine. 


      Please help or else the money I would have spent on this will go to the Hair Club for Men to replace my torn out tufts.