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    Can't export slideshow to movie.


      Hi there. I can't export slideshow to movie. The progress bar in the left upper corner just get stuck. Been restarting both lightroom and the computer ( iMac 27, 2015). Any ideas?


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          I have the same problem on a Windows 10 (AU) PC. This happened the first time I tried exporting a movie, but then everything worked fine the 2nd and 3rd times I tried. Now I cannot get the export to make any progress at all again.  I am exporting an 80 slide collection to a 720p movie accompanied by an MP3 file that is exactly the right length.


          I have tried exiting and restarting Lightroom, restarting the PC, etc.

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            gwfyarm Level 1

            I can export a PDF just fine, but exporting a video displays the progress bar at the top left and then freezes there... no progress is shown 20 minutes later, and Task Manager shows Lightroom using no CPU time.


            The times that exporting a video worked for me, I instantly saw some progress on the progress bar as soon as it was displayed. When it is not working, no progress is shown at all.

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              gwfyarm Level 1

              I have found a workaround (after trying a bunch of things that did not work) that seems to work at the moment... If I:

              - select my Collection on the left in grid view

              - move the location of a photo in the collection (drag it one to the right)

              - move that photo back to its proper spot

              - click Export Video


              Now the export starts up, and the progress bar at the upper left displays progress being made.


              Oh - by the way - I am using the Desktop version of Lightroom 6.8, NOT the Creative Cloud version.

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                gwfyarm Level 1

                Well - the above procedure only seems to work sometimes. It does work after
                - restarting my computer
                - moving a photo around in the slideshow, then back
                - export video



                However, if I try to change some more slide titles, and export again without exiting from Lightroom or restarting the computer, the export does not start.

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                  gwfyarm Level 1

                  The procedure that worked a few days ago does not work today. I now have no idea what procedure will allow me to export a Slideshow as a movie.


                  All I know is that, if I am able to export a slideshow once, I do not seem to be able to export it again without restarting my computer. However, restarting my computer does not guarantee I'll be able to export a Slideshow as a movie.



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                    I am having this same issue. I have spent over 8 hours on a 3 minute slideshow. I am so irritated at this point. COME ON ADOBE!!!

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                      john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It may not help you, but

                      • In Options, is Zoom to Fill Frame enabled?
                      • In Playback, have you enabled Pan to Zoom?
                      • Are any pictures originally landscape orientation but cropped to portrait?

                      I have had problems with export hanging in these circumstances, so I wonder if this might be the problem.

                      What happens if you hit Preview or Play? Do they operate normally? Can you export a video for a small number of those images?


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                        gwfyarm Level 1

                        In my case:

                        - Preview and Play work fine every time

                        - Options / Zoom to Full Frame is NOT checked

                        - Playback / Pan and Zoon is NOT checked

                        - A number of pictures are cropped from landscape to portrait


                        When I find time, I will try exporting a video from a slideshow that does not have any landscape-portrait crops...

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                          I can't export even a very small number of pictures. I started trying from about 600 pics, then I reduced the number step by step. The export of even 2 pictures stops at 10%.


                          It's always 10%, no matter what quality, number of pictures.

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                            Tryed to make a 99 pic slide show for my grandmother funeral service now I cant use it at all because after trying all the suggestions on this page I still have no success someone please fix this so I can actually use the program.