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    After I render the video, the effects that I added to the video have magically disappeared even thought they still show up in after effects. Help please!!

    batopolis Level 1


      In after effects I added some muzzle flashes and other effects to a video. I than rendered it out. When I watch the finished video, some of the muzzle flashes and effects randomly disappeared. I even went back into after effects to make sure that the effects were actually there and they are. But they don't show up when I watch the rendered video. I have rendered it over 5 times now and I am still getting the same issue. And also, I have done this same sort of stuff before with all the same settings and it worked just fine with other videos. The file type I exported it as is AVI because it doesn't show any other options when I render the video. But I have rendered plenty of other videos as AVI files and they were just fine. Someone please help!