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    Placing multiple objects only accepts 50% of them now?

    VicoDrive Level 1

      I recently upgraded to the 2017 CC apps.  I just noticed when I am placing multiple items at once, it only seems to accept 50% of what I choose.


      Example is when I am playing 8 business cards on a sheet for printing, I go to File/Place/Show Import Options...  I select every INDD business card file I created, then it goes to the sheet where I pick where to place them.  Even though It let me select each business card file I wanted to place, it only lets me place 4 files.  If I choose 4 files, it only lets me place 2.  If I choose 2 files, it only lets me place 1.  Whats going on?  This has to be a glitch, Ive been doing this for years and only encountered this problem recently.  Anyone else?