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    Adobe is bouncing emails that are being sent with forms to be digitally sign


      Aaron Potter has been using SignatureFlo for several years.   Recently the firm she works with merged with another.  Her new email address is aaron.potter@kcoe.com.  She can log in to signatureflow and when she adds a document to sign, she can add the signature fields and submit.  no errors.  She gets a message that the document  has been sent.  Then she gets another email saying she the address she sent the document is invalid.  We have tried several addresses and same results.  We have had others send a document to the same address and they go through.  her previous email address was apotter@matsonisom.com or apotter@matson-isom.com.  These are both listed as alias with the new firm.  I have deleted her old account with this email address and she is using her new address to send and receive emails. and successfully with the exception of Adobe.

      below is the bounced email.  I have worked with Cpaperless and they have worked with EchoSign and we still have an issue.


      From: Adobe Sign [mailto:echosign@echosign.com]

      Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 3:28 PM

      To: Aaron Potter <Aaron.Potter@kcoe.com>

      Subject: Adobe Sign Document - Undeliverable



      Fenn Dryer REL

      We were unable to deliver your document to the email address dan.helm@kcoe.com. Please
        check that this is the correct email address. Click here
        to cancel and delete this document and resend to the correct email address



      To ensure that you continue receiving our
        emails, please add echosign@echosign.com
        to your address book or safe list.