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    ADE & Windows 7


      Got thru the autorization process and it seems to be right. But every time I download a file from the library it has errors.

      I transfer it to my Kobo and it says I am not authorized. Have cancelled the authorization and redone, everything seems to be sucessful but still nothing.

      The file is on my computer but nothing but error messages when I try to open it.


      Cannot close ADE without if crashing.

      Refuses to delete files from the library so the same titles are stacking up over and over.

      Because it sees errors I cannot return them so I cannot read them and because I have them checked out neither can anyone else because of poorly done software.

      Troubleshooting on the Adobe site is a joke, I can understand not much support for free software but an occasional visit to a forum by an Adobe employee, REALLY!!!!!


      Overdrive as far as I can tell will not share with my Kobo so no help there.


      Little lost here

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          mario428 Level 1

          After doing some reading here on the forum turns out ADE is as bad as I thought.

          There is a link here someplace for ADE 3.0 and it does work after I reauthorize my computer and my Kobo.


          You would think withe volume of Kobo's out there and Adobe's refusal to write software that works foe them the info would be a little easier to find.


          As per Adobe in one of their rare appearances to actually help



          1. Download ADE 3.0 from the following URL -  http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/downloads.html
          2. Install ADE 3.0 on your computer.
          3. Connect the KOBO reader in ADE 3.0
          4. Activate KOBO using ADE 3.0
          5. Now you can transfer and reader (read)  books