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    Shape and text effects (FX) doesn't show up when I import an PSD (Photoshop) file in After Effects


      When I try to import the psd file into after effects the effects (FX) from shapes an texts doesn't show up (or are not proper imported). I would like to animate my Photoshop file, but without the effects it's not outstanding enough. I've imported the psd file as: composition - retain layer sizes. as layer option: editable layer styles. In the screenshots in the link below you see the effects missing after importing in after effects


      I've been searching hours for this problem, hopefully you can help me out.


      Dropbox - Screenshots missing effects https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wnw0lk3sodh4wtu/AABTI8mRfRPt7JZW8y4LP693a?dl=0

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          as of Photoshop CC2015 you can have multiple instances for some layer styles. unfortunately in Ae such a feature does not exist.


          this is your what's causing your issue


          multiple instances of layer styles are not supported in Ae (merged layer styles or not). having more than one instance of a layer style will actually remove them all upon import. I can't really name all the contingencies of what 2 or more instances of any layer style will do upon importing the PSD to Ae, but it's not something you want to leave as is.


          I see you are not using the second instance on 1400TPM layer. maybe that is the case for other layers as well. just delete the multiple instances on every layer that has it and save the file. if you imported the file as "merged layer styles", the layers will be updated with the layer styles intact. if you imported them as "editable layer styles", you will have to import them again. if you want to keep multiple instances of layer styles, you will have to rasterize the layer styles in Ps (or create a smart object out of the layer)


          actually way back when this is how you prepared PS elements with layer styles to Ae - you would rasterize the layer styles. fortunately in 2005, Ps introduced smart objects to work non destructive so you can "merge" your layer in a container and change the content inside if you need to.


          a good practice is to create a separate PSD and do some preparation before importing to Ae, and keep the original design file. for example: design.psd and design_ae.psd. more about preparing your PSD files before you import them to Ae is here: https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/preparing-importing-still-images.html#preparin g_and_importing_photoshop_files


          if you are still having problems, please upload the PSD file through a cloud service and we can take a look.