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    "Save changes..." infinite loop


      This is a brand new installation of APE14. When I try and close a project - either by File > Exit or clicking the top right "x" - I get stuck with the "Save changes to ___________ before closing." I click "yes," and then nothing happens. So I try to close again. Repeat. And even after I've saved it ~10 times, if I press "no," the edits don't save. I have rebooted several times.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you named your project and then  used File/Save to save it?


          If you do that, you've saved and you can close your project.


          If the project is not saving, something is up with your system -- possibly related to your system's configuration, the directory you're saving your project files to or the amount of free, clean, freshly defragemented space on your hard drive.