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    After Effects Render issue!


      Hello! my name is Demitris and I have a problem.

      I am working with Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and I have a really big project.

      It is a 4 minute video but a lot of effects including 15 diffrent spectrums, Trapcode Particular and Sound Keys and Twitch.

      My project is 60fps and 1080p (1920x1080).

      The issue is that after effects says it only uses 8% of my RAM memory. (Computer Specs. Below.)

      I have allowed 11 GB ram to After Effects in the settings but it still only uses 8% of my 16GB RAM.

      Thanks to this, my project takes about 40-50 hours of rendering time.

      What can I do to improve my rendering speed?


      Computer Specs:

      GTX 970

      Intel Core i7-4790K

      16GB RAM

      1TB HDD

      240GB SDD

      Windows 10 OS

      64 BIT