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    Motion blur problem


      I've been working on a Kinetic typography project for a while now and stumbled upon a problem a few times. The problem is that when animating text with Pixel motionblur applied it starts jumping around. The there's some strange factors to this problem as the jumping starts and stops in workareas im not even working on. For example i have this animation text in a pre-comp, when viewed inside the comp theres no jumping but when viewed in my maincomp the jumping starts. I first thought it was me that had changed the position keyframes, but the was no vertical value change between the keyframes. Any help much appreciated!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          These kind of effects synthesize a vector motion field to smear the image. Abrupt changes simply throw them off because they cause sharp value contrasts. A strong motion to a static item within the range of a few pixels certainly qualifies for that. That's nothing you can fix. You can only use multiple compositions and pre-composing and combine the items later in a main comp or you rely on the native shutter-samples based motion blur to begin with.



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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hey there lokeisi,

            How are things going? We have not heard back from you yet. Did Mylenium's explanation clear this issue up for you? Please return to the thread and let us know so that we can find out if you're OK and also to assist others experiencing similar issues.