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    Updating the WebApp Input Form Dynamically

    IAMTEEJAY Level 2

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a web app pulls details from another app using a datasource field.  My entire set up works well, except my web app input form doesn't see to update itself with any web app items added after it was created.


      For example this, from the web app input form...


      <select name="CAT_Custom_12" id="CAT_Custom_12" class="cat_dropdown">

                              <option value=" ">-- Please select --</option>

                              <option value="13458838">Jennifer Jolin</option>

                              <option value="13458874">JoAnn Kelley</option>

                              <option value="13458920">Kim Kruth</option>

                              <option value="13458938">Michella Stanley</option>

                              <option value="13458846">Reva Ingles</option>

                              <option value="13458949">Robert Thompson</option>



      Will not have any new names showing that were added after the form was created. What is the correct way to allow this form to automatically include items added AND items deleted at any time?


      Many thanks, in advance.