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    questionnaire App with Parse Server


      Hello, i am building a questionnaire App for addiction for my university. It should:

      1. have like 10-15 questions where the user can choose 0-5 answers (multiple answers possible)

      2. the results should be shown at the end

      3. possibility to send the results to a parse server


      I am looking for a way to implement this app, like tutorials or GitHubs (Code).

      Thank you vey much.

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          questionnaireApp Level 1

          Thank you very much for the fast answer.

          I thought it should work with PhoneGap, JavaScript and probably a Jason file which is send to the parse server.

          So its very simple actually without login.

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            VectorP Level 4

            OK, fine. But what is it you need help with?

            The front end framework? The backend webservice? The database design? The MVC architecture? Coding? Signing and releasing? Building with Phonegap (locally or in the cloud?)?


            There are so many aspects, so you might want to ask a bit more in detail. What is it that you can't do, yet? What aspects do you master?

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              kerrishotts Adobe Employee

              @OP - keep in mind that we aren't going to write your code for you. This forum works best when you can point to a specific problem you are having. App architecture questions that aren't specific to PhoneGap are best handled elsewhere.


              Also, given the nature of your questionnaire, you probably need to be very careful regarding security, privacy, and any medical laws regarding collection of this kind of information. These vary by location, so it'll be up to you to research this aspect. You'll definitely want to have a highly visible privacy statement indicating what you will and won't collect, and how the data is stored, and whether or not it will be shared with third parties.

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                questionnaireApp Level 1

                I didn't ask nobody to write any code for me! Please read what i have wrote.

                There are several addictians like internet additions, and no medical stuff will be asked.

                Everyone should choose if he wants to send the data, and the professor is going to make it 100% legal, or do you think a professor doesn't know about it?

                Because I am at the begining and haven't never worked with PhoneGap or Javascript or Parse Server, thats why I thought i could ask somebody how to start and I think it was a mistake to ask it hear.

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                  kerrishotts Adobe Employee

                  I mentioned that we weren't going to write any code because sometimes that's the expectation. I wanted to make it clear that this forum isn't the place for that. The way you phrased the question made me wonder if you were going to expect it. My apologies for misunderstanding. I did not intend to come across in an antagonistic manner.


                  Please note, however, that this forum is intended for questions specific to PhoneGap. It is not necessarily the best place to learn how to write JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or interact with a Parse Server. There are better and more specific forums made for that purpose.


                  My suggestion: read lots of good books on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Read the documentation for Parse Server. Where you have questions in those contexts outside of PhoneGap, the following forums might be of use:



                  Then, when you're comfortable with these things on their own and then in the context of a browser, try to make it all work with PhoneGap. You'll run into specific problems which we'll be better equipped to help you with. Do note that there are no shortcuts here; mobile hybrid app development requres you have a pretty wide and deep pool of knowledge.


                  Finally, regarding privacy, security, etc., please, heed the advice and warnings from someone who's been there before you. I'm not saying that you shouldn't build the app -- I'm saying you need to be very careful.


                  Regardless of whether you think an addiction is medical or not, do understand that asking about addictions can be incredibly personal, which is why I wanted to point out that you need to be very careful here, especially when transmitting and storing that data remotely. Your users should be able to expect that you'll treat their data with the utmost care and security, and you can give them that assurance by providing them a privacy notice front and center.


                  Furthermore, it is not your professor's (or your employer's) job to make sure you do this in a safe or legal manner: it is your ethical responsibility to ensure that all appropriate steps to safeguard user data have been taken. If you aren't sure that you can do so safely and securely, then don't save or transmit the data. Once you're more comfortable dealing with remote security and you've educated yourself on the laws and such, then you can implement remote transmission and storage. (In a company, you'd have access to security engineers, lawyers, etc., who would be able to assist you with the various security precautions, legal regulations, etc.)


                  I mention the last because it's incredibly important to be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your user's data. Sometimes we think our user's data trivial, but there are parts of the world where if even trivial data were leaked, the user's livelihood or even their life might be in serious danger. Perhaps that's not the case with your app and the target audience, but you can't know that for sure. Treat your user's data as if it is the most precious thing in the world. And if you then find that you aren't comfortable with that, then don't save or transmit your user's data at all.


                  I say all this to be helpful, not to be obstructive. I hope it can be taken as such. Along your journey you're going to come across individuals who have been where you are going, and have important lessons and warnings to impart. Learn from them, take their advice in that context, and you'll become that much better a developer for it.


                  All the best on your journey.

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                    Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                    One more thing to toss in here. Parse is being shut down by Facebook, so that really is not long term solution. Firebase from Google might be a wiser choice.

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                      questionnaireApp Level 1

                      Thank you very much for the time and your amazing answer.