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    Slooooooooooooooooooow f... slow lightroom


      No, don't bother to answer or give me any kind of advise. (THANK YOU :-) !!)

      Because indeed I know all about it (deactivate live synchronization, naming, write autom. metadata to file, deactivate graphic card.., cut access to the files, antivirus, empty scratch-disk.., plenty of Ram, deactivate any background software/tasks, reboot often, etc.etc.etc. )

      Am just voicing here my frustration so that I don't make a fit a throw my computer to the floor..

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          For others reading this public thread who may want to constructively influence Adobe: This forum is primarily a user-to-user forum in which Adobe product developers rarely participate (i.e. they probably won't read this thread). Adobe has asked that you provide product feedback in the official Adobe feedback forum: Photoshop Family Customer Community . Adobe does read every post there, and they sometimes reply and act on them.  While posting there often seems as effective as spitting into the wind, I have observed over many years that the posts do influence Adobe.  (It's an annoyance that there are two separate forums, of course.)


          There have been persistent posts there about frustratingly slow performance experienced by a significant minority of users.  At least some of the reports concern high-performance machines with 6 or more processors ("cores", not to be confused with the larger number of virtual processors or "threads").  See these topics:


          Lightroom 2015.6 Extremely Slow | Photoshop Family Customer Community


          Lightroom: Slow performance on Xeon CPUs | Photoshop Family Customer Community


          There are additional workarounds discussed in those topics not mentioned above, such as limiting the number of processors that LR can use, which have worked for some of the posters.